Wholetime Training Delivery Instructor – Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service

Job Title Training Delivery Instructor

Expressions from Competent Firefighters, Crew Managers or Watch Manager from the Whole-time or Variable Crewing System

Reports to: Station Manager B

Organisation: NCFRA

Salary based on current position:

Firefighter Competent £37,675

Crew Manager

Development £40,041

Competent £41,767

Watch Manager

Development £42,672

Competent B £46,707

Dependant on role. Personnel working this duty system will receive a pensionable allowance equivalent to 15.5% of a firefighter competent salary, for the duration of their undertaking the duty system, payable in monthly instalments.

Must be competent wholetime firefighter, crew manager or watch manager in role with no outstanding performance management issues, performance management plan.

Please note all successful candidates will be held within a talent pool for 12 months from interview date.

Salary: £37,675 - £46,707

Contract type: Full Time

Closing date: July 30 2024

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