Coaching and Mentoring

Investing in People, Culture and Leadership by providing good practice guidance, tools and improvements at a national level for implementation locally.

Coaching and Mentoring Portal and Toolkit

The Coaching and Mentoring Portal and Toolkit brings together fire sector mentors and qualified coaches, as well as a comprehensive range of national external tools and guidance to support the adoption and enhancement of Coaching and Mentoring within the UKFRS.

Coaching and mentoring can be transformative to developing your people, so the portal aims to connect them with the right coach or mentor in a central portal that provides a consistent approach for the sector.

It is an online portal accessible by members of the UKFRS (coachee’s and mentee’s) who wish to connect to talented coaches and mentors across the sector and is free to all UKFRS.

As a coachee or mentee, access/sign-in to the portal will need to be through an authorised route in your service to ensure this is in line with your internal processes. It could be following an appraisal or as part of your general development, whether seeking promotion or supporting you in your current role. It’s easy to sign on, and you’ll receive a notification when you have access.

We are constantly looking for qualified coaches and mentors, as well as a champion who is the point of contact in your service.

Register a qualified coach, mentor, or champion:

It is important to recognise the links to the NFCC Talent Management Toolkit, as it is cross-reference throughout the talent management cycle. Developed and engaged people perform better and are more productive, engaged, and likely to stay within the sector.

We know that coaching and mentoring are disciplines that are widely used, with benefits including:

  • Supports an individual’s potential and growth
  • It can increase confidence and the interpersonal skills of the person providing the mentoring or coaching and the person receiving it.
  • Support individuals to improve their performance
  • Provides career support
  • Enhances problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Critical to further enhance and develops existing and future leaders
  • Handling conflict situations to resolve them effectively
  • Can increase employee engagement and retention when applied.