CRP Evaluation of Fire Interventions consultation

Closing Date: 03/03/2023

Consultation Status: Closed

On behalf of the NFCC Community Risk Programme, Evaluation of Fire Intervention Project Board, please find attached the document ‘Evaluation Methods for UK-Fire Rescue Services’ which has been developed for UKFRS in order to better support robust and defensible evaluation of fire interventions.

We are seeking feedback on this document prior to its planned launch to the sector in April 2023.

Please be advised that we have separately commissioned a company to support the graphic design of this document, whereby the document itself will undergo significant visual transformation. Therefore at this stage we are seeking feedback only on the content of the document not on the structure or presentation. 

The consultation will be open until end of the day Friday 3 March 2023 and any inputs you are able to share would be very gratefully received.  The surveys do have a ‘Save and Continue’ function so it is possible to come back and finish the survey over a period of time.

Once the consultation is closed all feedback will be reviewed by the Project Board and where applicable will be actioned for publication in the final version of the document.

Please feel free to circulate this link to anyone you feel may want to contribute to the consultation. 

If you have any questions or queries about the consultation process or the document itself please contact

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