NFCC Committee Lead Vacancies

NFCC Committee, programme and lead roles are advertised below and are open to expressions of interest from any serving employee of a UK public Fire and Rescue Service, unless otherwise specified.

NFCC lead roles are voluntary roles to be performed alongside your current role.

Committee Chairs, or those leading programmes of work, who wish to advertise a role should contact

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What having a lead role entails

NFCC is keen to have a diverse range of members fulfilling lead roles and encourages all members to consider roles advertised, so thank you for taking the time to consider applying for a role. The NFCC will not function effectively without the expertise and support of our leads, so your work will be greatly appreciated.

Having a lead role offers a great opportunity for personal and professional development. It provides you with exposure into the work of the NFCC and wider national stakeholders in a way that might not be the case in roles within your own FRS. Many roles also allow opportunities for the newly appointed lead to shape the role into one that works for them. You are encouraged to engage with other lead officers and the wider committee or programme to seek advice to support you with your work. If you have colleagues within yours or other FRS who may be able to provide you with some support in fulfilling the role, then you are encouraged to draw on this support too.

You may have concerns about your ability or capacity to take on a role – most people do when they first take on a national role. Time will need to be committed to this role, and this time may vary from one month to the next. However, on average, it can be assumed that you would need to commit around the equivalent of a couple of days per month. This may vary depending on your role and any external influences at the time; for example, media interest in the area that your role covers, or a significant incident taking place. Whilst the time is an additional commitment, most find the personal and professional benefits of taking on national work far outweigh the time commitment it brings – so we would encourage you not to be put off by thinking you won’t have the time.

How is an applicant selected for a lead role?

All expressions of interest will be assessed by a small group of NFCC members and staff. The group will be led by either the NFCC Chair, Vice Chair, Committee Chair or Programme lead; this will be determined by the nature of the role being advertised and the availability of those NFCC colleagues to assess the expressions of interest received.

The panel will decide based purely on the expression of interest – to reduce the burden on what is a voluntary role there are no interviews for NFCC lead roles and the overall process is designed to be relatively informal. Once a decision has been made, all applicants will receive a call from a member of the panel to explain the outcome.

If you are applying for a Committee or Vice Chair role, these appointments are recommendations from the NFCC Chair to NFCC Council. This will be reiterated at the time of the advertisement for these roles.

To apply

Each role will include the details of colleagues you can contact, if you choose to do so, to discuss the position and your interest in it.

Lead Role Vacancies:

NFCC Equality, Development & Inclusion Lead – Closing date: Friday 10 May 2024 – EXTENDED UNTIL: Tuesday 28 May 2024, midday

NFCC Business Engagement Lead – Closing date: Tuesday 14 May 2024 – EXTENDED UNTIL: Wednesday 29 May 2024, midday

NFCC Operational Guidance Forum Chair (replacement) –   Closing date: Wednesday 5 June 2024, midday