Fire Kills

Fire Kills campaign

The Home Office, in collaboration with NFCC and local fire and rescue services in England, runs the Fire Kills campaign to help keep people safe in their homes.

The campaign is aimed at raising awareness of everyday fire risks that are present in the home and encourages all householders in England, particularly vulnerable people, to test their smoke alarms regularly.

As part of the campaign monthly toolkits and a campaign calendar are produced by the Home Office to support fire safety messaging.

National advertising

You are 10 times more likely to die in a fire if you do not have working smoke alarms.

The Home Office runs national advertising to promote and reinforce fire safety messages to help keep people safe from fire in their homes.

The campaign aims to influence wider fire safety behaviours and the advertising presents a series of small accidents that can lead to a fire to illustrate how one little accident could easily escalate into the catastrophic fire. The advertising is also supported across social media and radio.

The national advertising campaign is planned, developed and delivered with support from NFCC.

A toolkit and assets for partners to support national advertising are available
Saucepan on hob with tea towel catching fire

Fire Kills campaign calendar 2024

Fire Kills produce an annual calendar which outlines the national safety campaigns and  monthly themes which fire services may wish to support to help keep their communities safe from fire.

More information  and fire safety advice for homes and businesses in England can be found on the Government’s Fire England website. 



Download the 2024 Fire Kills campaign calendar (PDF)