Fit For The Future Overview

Developed in partnership by the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC), the National Employers (England) and the Local Government Association (LGA), Fit for the Future (FfF) is the shared view of the ambitions for the future of the fire and rescue service over the next five years. 

It expresses the joint view of those organisations about work that is underway and areas where reform and improvements are needed, and what can be done centrally to support that. The public value represented by the fire and rescue service will be a key factor of the future use of FfF.  

FfF is based on a wealth of evidence of opportunities for learning and change drawn from past incidents, events, and reviews/reports. The improvement objectives within FfF form the view of the partner organisations about the highest priorities for reform. The subjects covered by the improvement objectives will therefore be familiar to many, but for the first time FfF indicates how improvements should be achieved. The change initiatives of all partners jointly will be mindful of FfF including Fire Standards, doctrine, guidance, and tools. Fire and rescue services achieving the Fire Standards is a key element of the expectations within FfF. 

FfF shows the value of the work that employees already do and could be expected to do in future. The future role of the service laid out in FfF will help to inform development of the future roles of all employees who work within it. 

Our wide engagement means a wide range of views have been taken into account in reaching this latest version of FfF.  

The partner organisations have committed to consider new evidence and learning as part of joint organisational learning arrangements in order to ensure FfF remains current and relevant. 

Working together through FfF we will ensure our fire and rescue services are best placed to meet the needs of communities, keeping people safe, increasing trust and providing public safety.