Community Risk

NFCC commissioned a review of community risk methodology by Nottingham Trent University (NTU). This review identified a need to enhance community risk methodology across the UK fire and rescue services (FRSs).

To deliver these enhancements, NFCC has worked with FRSs and subject-matter experts to deliver a national definition of risk and a set of standardised tools and guidance to support the community risk management process. These will assist FRSs in focusing resources on activities where they will have the greatest impact, on reducing and mitigating risk and vulnerability within their communities.

Having a consistent and standardised approach to community risk management planning (CRMP) across the UK, will assist in transparent and justifiable decision-making and help services identify collaborative opportunities with partner organisations more easily.

The Community Risk Management Planning Methodologies and Guidance will assist FRSs in meeting the requirements of the Community Risk Management Planning Fire Standard

Community Risk Fire Standard