Positive Practice

The Positive Practice Portal

The Positive Practice Portal can be used by fire and rescue services who are interested in interventions that support communities, colleagues and partners in keeping everyone safe and secure.

Innovative and promising ideas

The Portal provides details about interventions, which have been developed by one or more Fire and Rescue Service to address a particular need, concern or organisational change recognised by the NFCC or HMICFRS as an innovative or positive practice.  These practices are in different functional areas and may include operational and non-operational responses, business practices and good ideas.

The Portal has been developed to:

  • share information about implementing these interventions
  • allow others to build on existing work
  • support innovation

The NFCC has asked each service to provide additional details about the practice, where they can, so there are some additional details about evaluation methods, impact, resources and costs to allow other services to take an informed decision about adopting a practice.

Many of the practices have already been included in an HMICFRS inspection report and all will receive further analysis from the NFCC Organisational Learning team.

Sharing your ideas with peers

We encourage all members of the fire and rescue service community to share examples of promising and new or innovative practice with us, as well as examples of interventions that didn’t work.

You can share a practice example easily by completing our online practice sharing form. Your intervention does not have to be evaluated yet.

Using the Positive Practice Portal