Wildfire Aware

Wildfire Prevention

Wildfires often result in sustained and prolonged operations by UK fire & rescue services and other partner agencies.

Often, firefighters from across the country will be deployed to deal with just one in a different part of the country, depending on its severity. This includes specialist equipment, tools and vehicles, as well as national tactical advisers to give expert help and assistance on how to tackle them.

The combination of dead vegetation which builds up over the winter can lead to spate conditions for such fires.

Most wildfires in the UK originate from human activity. These will either be leisure activities or deliberate acts. Often carried out by people unaware of the risks associated with fire, especially wildfires. Educating individuals, organisations and communities as a whole about these risks can go a long way to forging an understanding of how these behaviours contribute to the problem, and how modifying them forms part of the solution.

NFCC Wildfire lead Paul Hedley on BBC Breakfast (June 2020)

The wildfire prevention toolkit has been written and compiled by Alan Clark, retired Area Commander from Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, on behalf of the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) Wildfire Group. It provides a range of tools to help fire and rescue services, key stakeholders and partner agencies prevent and reduce the impact of wildfires.