NFCC Campaigns

NFCC run campaigns to raise public awareness of risks and to reduce preventable deaths.

The campaigns are supported by fire and rescue services and partners.

NFCC also work closely with other organisations to collaborate and support a number of safety campaigns.

Recycle your electricals

We work closely with Material Focus to help raise awareness of the fire risk of incorrectly disposing of batteries. We have produced a number of resources for help educate people and change public behaviour.


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Motorcycle Safety Week 

Motorcycles make up around 1% of road traffic, but it is estimated in 2023 accounted for 20% of road fatalities and around 12% of road casualties in Great Britain.

Motorcycle Safety Week raises awareness of the safety messaging and the range of courses, including Biker Down, available to riders to support the reduction of rider fatalities and injuries in the UK.

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Charge Safe – e-bikes and e-scooter safety 

NFCC has worked closely with London Fire Brigade, Electrical Safety First and Fire Kills to raise awareness of the risks of lithium-ion batteries in e-bikes and e-scooters. 

The #ChargeSafe campaign was developed by London Fire Brigade to provide advice to people on how to buy and charge these products to help prevent fires. As the emerging risk of these devices has become more widespread across the UK, resources have been developed to share the advice nationally.



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Stay fire safe – cost of living campaign 

Developed in 2022, this national campaign was launched in response to NFCC’s concerns that rising costs could force people to make decisions and change behaviour which might increase their risk of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Two toolkits were produced to support the ongoing campaign, A prevention toolkit for homes and a protection toolkit to support businesses.

The campaign was developed with fire and rescue services, Fire Kills and Crimestoppers.

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Fire Kills

The Fire Kills campaign is run as part of the Government’s commitment to help prevent fatalities and injuries from accidental fires in England.

The campaign is aimed at raising awareness of everyday fire risks that are present in the home and encourages all householders in England, particularly vulnerable people, to test their smoke alarms regularly.

NFCC works closely with Fire Kills to support the campaign and work collaboratively on projects and messaging for emerging risks to benefit the fire sector.



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Be Water Aware

NFCC’s drowning prevention and water safety campaign raises awareness of the everyday risks around water. It aims to highlight advice so people can spend time in, on and around water safely and advise them on what to do if they or someone else ends up struggling in the water. 

The campaign is underpinned by the UK national drowning prevention strategy and campaign work has also helped develop Respect The Water, a national campaign for members of the National Water Safety Forum.

Be Water Aware runs as an awareness week in April each year and is part of a coordinated calendar of campaigns by forum members.


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