Accessing large modes of transport

Control Measure Knowledge

If structural components in large modes of transport need to be moved or removed, they may be of significant weight. Personnel, casualties and other emergency responders should not be in the area below when components are being moved or removed.

Gaining access to a large mode of transport may destabilise it; some of the techniques to manage this effect include:

  • Rechecking stability as structural components are moved or removed
  • Using lowering mechanisms for components of significant weight
  • Minimising the size of the component being moved or removed, to reduce weight and manual handling difficulties

It may be necessary to seek specialist advice or assistance when accessing large modes of transport. This activity may be more difficult if the components are at height, impacting on the ability to gain access and secure egress.

If working at height is required when accessing a large mode of transport, the use of appropriate mobile platforms should be considered. If so, a clear working area should be established around the large mode of transport, to allow the use of mobile platforms from which personnel can work.

If a mobile platform is used, the number of personnel on it should be kept to a minimum, to ensure that the limited space is used effectively.

If required, fall arrest equipment should be used by personnel, and the tools being used may require fall protection.

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions