Monitor for external firespread

Control Measure Knowledge

Evaluating the likelihood and impact of external firespread requires an appropriate understanding of the building design, construction materials and status of the fire. Site-Specific Risk Information (SSRI) may be available to indicate construction materials and compartmentation of a particular building

When monitoring for external firespread, assess and review:

  • The location of people in the building
  • Safe access, egress and evacuation routes
  • The cordon distance required to take into account falling or floating building components
  • Breaches in windows or external wall panels
  • The number and location of open windows, or windows that have lost their glazing
  • External firespread that may have compromised the structural elements or compartmentation of the building
  • Indications that the building has external cladding
  • Fire spreading through openings to walls and roofs
  • Signs of fire in surrounding areas or adjacent buildings
  • The impact to floor levels directly above or below the involved fire compartment
  • Sources of renewable energy, such as photovoltaic panels; these may not be visible from outside the building or may be disguised as roof tiles

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions