Health and Safety in FRS: Lessons Learned

NFCC continues to foster a very good working relationship with national HSE fire policy officers. Through this relationship, we were approached to discuss ways of ensuring the importance of firefighter safety in the operational environment was kept at the forefront of FRS agendas.

Unlike many other high risk working environments, the HSE does not currently undertake a proactive programme of inspections across our sector, mainly due to the relative good historical record and proactive culture of health and safety in our sector; the attached document is seen as a simple and cost-effective way to keep the health and safety of firefighting staff on the agenda. The document touches upon a number of subjects, but particularly serves as a reminder to all UK FRSs of the necessity that lessons learnt are recognised at the initial stages of planning and development within organisations.

NFCC fully endorses the content and principles within the document and encourages FRSs to use the document as appropriate.