Wildfire Position Statement

Wildfire is an incident type, which requires specific knowledge and understanding addressing the difficulties and dangers inherent in its management.

Although sporadic, wildfire is a frequent incident type for many UK Fire and Rescue Services (FRSs), and when climatic conditions are supportive, FRSs across the UK are called upon to respond to large numbers of wildfire/rural fires.

In recognition of the specific challenges wildfire presents, a national NFCC Wildfire Group has been established to develop improvements in the way FRS plan, prepare and respond to wildfire events.

NFCC will:

• Raise the awareness of risks and dangers of Wildfire incidents within the UK FRS community.

• Seek to develop national standards for Wildfire training and operational response techniques.

• Seek to identify and establish accreditation for Wildfire training.

• Identify and share best practice in relation to Wildfire Incidents.

• Where appropriate, provide responses on behalf of NFCC to consultations which are relevant to wildfire.

• Develop an effective marketing, lobbying and communications strategy to support the activities of the Forum.

• Ensure effective liaison with Home Office to ensure effective alignment with Government policy and strategies linked to wildfire.

• Offer advice and support to Fire and Rescue Services regarding Wildfire pre-planning, prevention and response – including through the provision of a Wildfire Tactical Advisor group aligned to National Resilience.

• Ensure that there is effective liaison and exchange of information between the NFCC Wildfire Group and the England and Wales Wildfire Forum (EWWF), Scottish Wildfire Forum (SWF) and other relevant fora, organisations and agencies.

• Commission and co-ordinate work packages to develop policies and procedures.

• Where necessary, proposals/documents will be submitted to the NFCC Operations Committee on behalf of the forum.