NFCC – Equality of Access to Services and Employment for Neurodiversity

Closing Date: 30/11/2020

Consultation Status: Closed

As a public service focused on providing excellent service to our customers, we need to ensure equal access to our services for every person and those in temporary residence or in transit through the county.

We know through our incident data that certain groups are more likely to have a fire, and they include people who are living with dementia, mobility issues, and mental health issues. There are, however, other groups who aren’t necessarily showing as being at higher risk of a fire or injury, but they may not be accessing our services such as ‘Safe and Well’ visits or engaging with the service because of barriers, which may include language, perceived prejudice and other societal factors. Equal access means actively seeking to engage these groups, who may be unaware or choosing not to access services from us and other public sector providers.

This document outlines what neurodiversity is, how you can recognise it, how you deal with it and, using KPIs and collected data, how you learn from it to develop strategies to improve employability and staff engagement with it in the workplace, in the wider community, and with working partners.

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