Portfolio Overview

The work of the committee

Providing programme support, delivering the NFCC strategy. , project and benefits management services to the fire and rescue sector.  It forms one of the three hubs supporting the delivery of NFCC’s strategy. The work of the CPO focuses on key areas of NFCC’s strategy.


Providing a home for the continued maintenance of NOG. It will be a business as usual activity and include the continued development of national operational learning. Regular reviews of guidance will take place, to consider whether it needs to be updated.

Supporting a new Fire Standards Board for fire services in England. The Board has an independent Chair and vice chair, the Chair of the NFCC, representation from the LGA, the Home Office and the College of Policing.

UK-wide defined good practice, as developed by the NFCC through the portfolio, will form the basis for the standards offered to the Fire Standards Board for approval.