Since the new NFCC website was launched in October 2023, we have been gathering feedback about website functionality and user experience with the goal of leveraging the dynamic and responsive nature of the platform to improve user experience. We’ve been able to improve some things immediately, and others have taken a bit more information-gathering, research, and collaboration.

One of these is the main menu. We have received feedback from both internal and external users that the menu has been difficult to navigate and doesn’t follow a logical structure. This helpful response led to a consideration of different menu structures that could work better for an organisation such as NFCC with different and varied end users.    

In light of this feedback, and after a few months of research and engagement, we have decided to restructure the main menu to allow for easier navigation. You will see some changes being rolled out over the next week that include: 

  • A new, more logical structure to the main menu 
  • New or updated landing pages for every menu item 
  • New items on the bottom menu, including a site map 

We appreciate this rollout may come at a time when some of you feel that you’re just getting to terms with the menu as it is, but we’re confident that this restructure will help users find content more easily and help those new to the fire sector or NFCC’s work better understand what we do.  

Watch this space for links to help you navigate the new menu and remember that you can bookmark your frequently visited pages in your account.