Coaching and Mentoring National Portal

Closing Date: 29/10/2021

Consultation Status: Closed

The Leadership project team has launched the NFCC Coaching and Mentoring National Portal consultation, which will run until Friday 29 October 2021.

The National Portal is an online portal that can be easily accessed by members of the fire sector (coachees and mentees) who wish to connect to talented coaches and mentors across the sector.

The coaching and mentoring portal will be delivered within the One NFCC Digital Transformation Project and is expected to integrate within our wider digital presence and developing member area.

Using coaches from other services brings a different perspective and gives a wider base of experience that can help identify good practices from outside a service. The National

Portal will be launched at the end of April / May 2022.

Although targeted at HR/OD specialists, it is open to all. Please share with your fire service colleagues; responses to this consultation are important to us as it will help shape how the portal is developed and used by the fire sector.

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