Fire investigation development workbook consultation

Closing Date: 03/04/2022

Consultation Status: Closed

The second edition of the competency framework document for Fire Investigation was published in July 2021.  It aims to support Fire and Rescue Service organisations with a structured approach to the induction, training, qualification and maintenance of competence required to support fire investigations within fire and irescue services.

To support this,  a development workbook process has been produced to support new fire investigators and their development through to being deemed competent by their respective FRS.

A consultation has been set up on the National Fire Chiefs website, with all relevant documents and information. The consultation can be accessed here. This consultation is open to all and, whilst it is particularly aimed at those who practice fire investigation, the views of colleagues and other stakeholders is vital to shaping the final version which will be added as an appendix to the fire investigation competency framework document.

Responses to this consultation are important to us and will help shape how the final product is developed and used by the fire and rescue sector.

Please visit the Fire Investigation Consulation here to make sure your views are heard.