NFCC Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Impact Assessment (EqIA)

Closing Date: 08/09/2020

Consultation Status: Closed

The NFCC People Programme are consulting on the NFCC EqIA template.  You are invited to give your feedback on this document by completing the consultation link below.

This impact assessment been designed in conjunction with Diversity McKenzie, who provided three workshops this year to FRS staff.

Services may hold this template under a different title/name, e.g. People Impact Assessment. This has been recognised within the template to ensure services can continue to use the name that is familiar to them.

We recognise services are at different stages of embedding impact assessments, so we are keen to offer additional support and training to those services who feel would benefit from this. This is something you can provide in the consultation form.

We encourage all fire and rescue services to complete the consultation. If you feel there are other people who would be interested in completing this, please direct them to this webpage.

Thank you.

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