Search, rescue and casualty care following release of ExIT project research release

Closing Date: 08/02/2023

Consultation Status: Closed

The consultation for the National Operational Guidance Search, rescue and casualty care review has now commenced. This includes the guidance and content that will be moved to other areas along with additional content for supplementary information. The consultation will be open for six weeks, closing at 17:00 on Wednesday 08 Febuary 2023.

What happens after the consultation has closed?

All the consultation responses will be considered by the content team, with any approved changes being made prior to publication. If you have any questions about the consultation, please email

How to participate in the consultation

  • We recommend that you read the Search, rescue and casualty care file before completing your review; this is important as some of the content in the current publications has been revised, relocated or combined to avoid duplication
  • A tracked change version is availablehas been included to eaisly identify the proposed changes
  • The executive summary at the start of the pdf file provides a summary of and rationale for the changes
  • Hyperlinks to places within this guidance, or to other sections of guidance may not currently function; this will be addressed at point of publication
  • Illustrations are not currently in high-definition, to allow for email limitations; this will be addressed at point of publication
  • Please provide sufficient detail in your comments for us to determine what content they relate to, along with the page number of the pdf document
  • It is not mandatory to respond to all of the questions in the survey; you are welcome to only complete those areas that you have an interest or expertise in
  • Please be aware that you will need to complete the survey in one session; for this reason, we strongly suggest that you capture your responses either in a Word document or the survey pdf before transferring them into the online survey so that you will not lose your notes in the event of technical issues
  • When you are ready, please click on this link to complete the survey: Search, rescue and casualty care survey


Thank you for taking the time to complete the consultation survey. Your views are important to us.