Aerial appliances

Control Measure Knowledge

An aerial appliance can be used as a working platform, from which fire and rescue service personnel can carry out tasks, such as applying extinguishing media or investigating the scene of operations.

A suitable area should be used for siting aerial appliances. Pre-planning for foreseeable incidents or locations where an aerial appliance may be required, should include identifying suitable areas for their use.

The incident should be monitored to ensure that it does not present a hazard to the appliance, particularly to its stability and functionality. Heat from a fire could affect mechanical components, including the jacks.

If an aerial appliance is being used at a fire, considerations for its protection include:

  • Monitoring the development of the fire
  • Monitoring the stability of nearby buildings or structures
  • Placing covering jets near to the appliance

Personnel should be prepared to relocate the aerial appliance if ground conditions become unstable due to:

  • The use of extinguishing media
  • Changes in weather conditions

For more information refer to Maintain safe access, egress and escape routes for fire and rescue service vehicles.

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions