Assist rescue for people at risk: Fire survival guidance – transport fire

Control Measure Knowledge

This control measure should be read in conjunction with Assist the rescue of people at risk: Survival guidance

Information received from operating companies control rooms should be continually shared with operational personnel. This includes the number and type of any deployments made by the operating company.

The following information should be gathered by fire control personnel and relayed to operational personnel and the operating companies control room where appropriate:

  • Reason why people at risk are unable to, or have been instructed not to evacuate, for example:
    • Trapped by injures
    • Unable to access an emergency exit
    • On board staff instructions

The following information should be gathered from the operating companies control room and shared with operational personnel:

  • Type and size of mode of transport
  • Access and egress information for the mode of transport
  • Number and type of response to the incident by the operating company, for example:
    • Airport fire service response
    • Rail Incident Officer (RIO)
    • Coastguard

Tactical Actions