Assist the rescue of people at risk: Water survival guidance for people in moving water

Control Measure Knowledge

This control measure should be read in conjunction with:

The following information should be gathered by fire control personnel. This information should be used to aid dynamic mobilising decisions and shared with operational personnel and where relevant, other responding agencies, to assist the rescue of people at risk:

  • Water entry point (WEP)
  • Point last seen (PLS)
  • Speed of travel
  • Direction of travel
  • Upcoming hazards and obstructions
  • Updated location where people have been able to exit the water or reach a safer place further downstream
  • If the casualty has become submerged or has remained on or above the water

If a person is moving in the water and their exact location is no longer known the WEP, PLS and speed of travel should be passed so that operational personnel can calculate the approximate location. Speed of travel can be judged based on a comparison with walking speed.

It is possible that contact will not be able to be maintained with people who are moving with the flow of the water. Therefore, callers should be advised to recontact the fire and rescue service by dialling 999 if people at risk have been able to exit the water further downstream.

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions