Capture call and incident data

Control Measure Knowledge

Call details

All call handling details should be recorded by fire control personnel so that an accurate account is logged that will support any queries or reviews.

Instant playback recording

Communication or mobilising systems can record information when fire control personnel either transmits over a radio channel or answers a telephone call. This function should automatically deselect once the action has ceased.

Archive recording

Multi-channel continuous recording archive systems are usually standalone. They should have sufficient storage for all voice traffic to and from all fire control personnel, on the radios and telephones that are clearly identified and assigned to the fire control room.

It should be possible to interrogate the archive system by searching on:

  • The date and time of a call or incident
  • Fire control personnel position
  • Length of call
  • Incident number

This system should provide the facility to extract a specific recording and transfer it to a removable media device or in electronic format. It also should also allow the analysis of call data for report templates, call assessment and verification, and be accessible from multiple locations.

Mobilising and communication systems

A mobilising and communication system should be capable of maintaining a log for each incident, recording all times and actions associated with it. This may include:

  • Automatic recording of key communications
  • Recording information relevant to the incident
  • Time and date stamping of critical information
  • Interrogation and reporting of mobilising information
  • Mobilising and communicating with operational resources

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions