Collaborative multi-agency forums

Control Measure Knowledge

Fire control managers may benefit from participating in local and regional multi-agency forums involving emergency service control managers from other Category 1 agencies. These forums provide fire control managers with opportunities to:

  • Develop joint plans to effectively test interoperable communication methods
  • Collaborate on arrangements for joint exercising, involving personnel located in Category 1 control rooms
  • Build mutually beneficial relationships
  • Share information with other agencies on subjects relevant to their area of experience, such as providing fire survival guidance in the event these calls are received by other agencies
  • Discuss factors causing demand for specific agencies, such as local events increasing general emergency call volumes
  • Improve their own awareness of general capabilities and resources available in other control rooms, including the provision of:
    • Communication tactical advisers
    • Live video streaming from emergency callers
    • Public information broadcasting systems, such as emergency alerts
  • Reflect on:
    • Examples of good practice
    • Areas for improvement

Strategic Actions