Control Measure Knowledge

When done effectively disrobing, followed by appropriate decontamination, has been shown to reduce contamination a level below that which is considered harmful. Disrobing should therefore be considered the primary action following evacuation from a contaminated area.

Undressing should be systematic to avoid transferring any contamination from clothing to the skin.

Fire and rescue service (FRS) disrobe packs should be made available on frontline appliances and contain a pictogram showing a safe undressing procedure that minimises spreading contamination from clothing to exposed skin. If these packs are not available, responders should consider improvising the disrobe procedures. Disrobe packs are not necessary for undressing and the lack of an alternative should not delay undressing which is an absolute priority.

Responders should consider the potential for hypothermia as well as modesty concerns. If available, alternative clothing or blankets should be used.

It is essential for crime scene investigation purposes that contaminated waste materials and clothing is contained in bags and left for the police investigation team. Where this can be achieved without compromising the speed and effectiveness of the evacuation and decontamination of casualties it should be given full attention/consideration.

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions