Emergency decontamination procedures

Control Measure Knowledge

Decontamination procedures should be in place before fire and rescue service personnel enter the risk area. However, there may be situations where either the decontamination procedure has not been set up or a failure of equipment or personal protective equipment (PPE) leads to a requirement for a speedier decontamination procedure. For example:

• Personnel in structural firefighting PPE entering an incident where the presence of hazardous materials was unknown and contamination occurs

• Damage to chemical protective clothing (CPC) causing an opening or tear in the level of protection

• Failure or malfunction of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)

• Injury or ill health of a member of personnel

In these situations, using a decontamination shower structure or other designed approach for decontamination may either be too time-consuming or unsuitable as it may exacerbate the problem (possibly by forcing a contaminant through a damaged suit).

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions