Control measure – Establish firefighter decontamination

Control Measure Knowledge

The type of decontamination will be based on a number of factors:

  • The level and type of personal protective equipment (PPE) (structural fire kit, liquid-tight or gas-tight chemical protection or re-usable or disposable protection)
  • The type and quantity of contaminant
  • The type and availability of decontamination additives
  • The ability to monitor and/or detect contamination
  • The availability of drainage and/or containment options
  • The conditions of the weather (rain and wind)
  • The topography of the area
  • The availability of equipment to conduct the decontamination

The location of the decontamination area should take into account the following:

  • The topography of the ground – it should be a flat area or sloped away from unprotected personnel in the cold zone
  • Wind direction should be blowing away from unprotected personnel
  • Any drainage in the area should be identified as either surface, foul or combined drainage and then blocked using a suitable drain blocker or mat
  • It should be set up in the cold zone until ready to receive contaminated members of personnel, at which point it should become the warm zone
  • It should be appropriately marked to prevent unprotected people from entering the decontamination zone
  • Operational circumstances and the risk assessment
  • The level and method of decontamination
  • The weather conditions
  • Location of breathing apparatus (BA) entry control
  • Location of a pumping appliance if wet decontamination is being provided

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions