Identify appropriate access and egress points

Control Measure Knowledge

In a building that may partially or structurally collapse, the location of access and egress points should take into account:

  • The location of the fire
  • The impact of the fire on structural elements
  • Any construction materials that have been or may be affected by fire, heat or rapid cooling
  • The potential impact of collapse
  • The travel distance to the scene of operations

To avoid the area involved in collapse, it may be necessary to establish additional access and egress points or methods, such as using ladders or windows, and to ensure they are protected.

It may be necessary to identify suitable points of egress that can be used for emergency evacuation or tactical withdrawal.

There may be protected zones in the building, which help to limit fire and smoke damage. During an incident, it may be appropriate for personnel to identify and use these protected zones.

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions