Implement firefighting contingency arrangements

Control Measure Knowledge

As the failure of fixed installations can have serious consequences, suitable contingency plans should be developed. These plans should determine good practice and alternative actions in the event of failure or inappropriate operation.

Contingency arrangements may include:
  • Checking the structural integrity and protecting firefighting shafts and fire protected zones
  • The use of aerial appliances to provide a temporary fire main
  • The use of firefighting lifts or, in their absence, the use of stairs, ladders or aerial appliances
  • The use of equipment to supplement, enhance or replace a building’s fixed communication system
  • A survey of the building and gathering regular information updates from emergency responders, to determine the severity of fire and extent of firespread
  • Using hose lines as temporary rising mains
  • Supplementing water supplies to sprinkler, foamsteamdrencher and water mist systems
  • Providing external firefighting equipment to surround the fire
  • A means to provide ventilation of fire gases

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions