Minimise the stress response of the animal

Control Measure Knowledge

In many cases the stress response of an animal is caused by lights, noise, intrusion or pain.

To minimise the stress response of the animal, it is important to reduce or avoid the use of lights and noise. This should be considered when approaching and arriving at the scene of the incident, for example, by turning off flashing lights and preventing the use of audible warning devices as soon as is practicable.

When close to the animal, movements of emergency responders, equipment and vehicles should be kept to a minimum and carried out slowly. Emergency responders should also avoid unnecessary contact with the animal.

It may be possible to distract some animals with food, toys, familiar people or other objects. Some animals may be calmer if they maintain contact with other companion animals.

Scene lighting

Refer to National Operational Guidance: Operations for generic information about scene lighting. However, for incidents involving animals, the benefits of scene lighting need to be assessed against the potential stress caused to the animal.

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions