Procedures for a confirmed or suspected CBRN event

Control Measure Knowledge

If the incident is confirmed or suspected to be due to a CBRN or CBRN(e) event, key steps need to be taken without delay. There will need to be the involvement of several agencies and specialist emergency response will be essential, particularly detection, identification and monitoring (DIM) activity and possibly a requirement for mass decontamination (MD).

Personnel should be briefed about who is involved in the CBRN or CBRN(E) event, and should also be warned about the possibility for attackers to still be in the area of the CBRN or CBRN(E) event. For further information refer to the Operational Guidance for Terrorist attacks.

Detection and monitoring equipment for CBRN incidents is not limited to those provided specifically for this CBRN but may include those provided for industrial hazardous materials purposes. Examples include electronic personal dosimeters (EPD).

The definition of detection, monitoring and categorisation is:

  • Detection: recognising the presence of CBR material
  • Monitoring: a continuous or periodic process of qualitatively or quantitatively determining the presence or absence of CBR material
  • Categorisation: A partial identification of CBR material

The JESIP publication, Responding to a CBRN(e) event: Joint operating principles for the emergency services, provides guidance for the emergency services in how to plan, prepare and work together to respond to CBRN(e) incidents effectively.

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions