Request and deploy bariatric management resources

Control Measure Knowledge

Bariatric management or lifting equipment may reduce hazards; it is important to know what equipment is available from fire and rescue services and emergency medical services. The availability of some resources may be limited to normal working hours.

For trauma and medical situations, understanding the clinical issues associated with casualties with complex requirements can be helpful. Requesting early deployment of advanced medical support can assist with the increased risk of complications of:

  • Airway management
  • Respiratory or ventilation support
  • Cardiovascular compromise
  • Managing pre-existing medical conditions and comorbidities
  • Managing medical equipment

Consideration should be given to requesting specialist teams and equipment, such as:

  • Technical rope teams
  • Aerial ladder platforms
  • Urban search and rescue (USAR)
  • Hazardous area response teams (HART) or special operations response teams (SORT)
  • Specialist transportation, such as bariatric ambulances

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions