Responsible person: Rail incidents

Control Measure Knowledge

A responsible person may be nominated by the relevant agency or authority and should have the required competence and knowledge to provide timely and accurate information to emergency responders about the hazards and risks of rail incidents.

Identifying the responsible person may provide the incident commander with access to a range of advice and assistance to support the development of a safe and effective tactical plan. The responsible person may vary depending on the type and context of the incident.

For rail incidents the responsible person could be a:

  • Rail incident officer (RIO)
  • Station incident officer (SIO)
  • Network incident response manager (NIRM)
  • Mobile operations manager (MOM)
  • Local manager, for example for heritage railways

The responsible person for a rail incident should be able to:

  • Provide information to the incident commander on rail safety matters
  • Arrange for specialist rail workers, engineers, contractors and equipment to be moved to the scene
  • Obtain specialist information on the infrastructure
  • Arrange for the delivery of extra equipment such as rail trolleys, generators, cranes and welfare facilities
  • Liaise with the incident commander to provide options for partial or complete restoration of services
  • Assess the suitability of the implemented control measures
  • Co-ordinate the phased reopening of rail lines

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions