Roadways: Identify alternative fuel vehicles

Control Measure Knowledge

Identifying the presence and type of alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) should form part of information gathering. It should be assumed that all vehicles involved in an incident are alternatively fuelled, until otherwise confirmed, as they may present additional hazards.

Personnel should have access to current information about AFV, including that stored on systems such as mobile data terminals (MDT). Other sources that may assist with identifying an AFV include:

  • The driver or passengers
  • Information gathered by the fire control room
  • Vehicle markings, such as ‘hybrid’ badges or green flashes on number plates
  • Additional filler caps
  • Bright orange cabling
  • Mechanic or vehicle recovery agent
  • Vehicle documents or handbooks

All emergency responders should be briefed about the presence of AFVs, and the location of their associated hazards. It may be appropriate to support this by physically marking AFVs.

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions