Specialist advice: Military aircraft

Control Measure Knowledge

This control measure should be read in conjunction with Specialist advice


Royal Air Force (RAF) regional liaison officers (RAFRLO) should liaise with the civilian emergency services and local authorities, providing a conduit between the military, civilian agencies and other government departments. There are nine RAFRLOs in the UK.

If an incident involves military aircraft, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) will activate an Aircraft Post Crash Management (APCM) plan which includes a local, trained Aircraft Post Crash Management Incident Officer (APCMIO). They have capability to deploy on-call hazardous materials and aircraft recovery teams. APCMIO will work closely with local responders on the ground to gain safe access to the incident site and carry out the air accident investigation. They are responsible for the clearance and restoration of the crash site.

The Royal Navy and Royal Air Force can provide advice and on-scene support on hazardous materials, occupational and environmental health, and environmental protection. They can be reached via the Deputy Chief of Defence Staff Duty Officer (DCDSDO) in Whitehall, or the Defence Fire Risk Management Organisation (DFRMO) duty officer on 07899 067847. They may also be able to provide advice for incidents involving foreign aircraft.

An explosive ordnance disposal team will respond to an aircraft crash, providing specialist safety advice and the capability to locate and identify all items of explosive ordnance, and render them safe. Personnel should liaise with the Ministry of Defence aircraft post crash management incident officer (APCMIO). For more information refer to the Aircraft Post Crash Management (APCM) aide memoire.

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