Substance identification: Cylinders

Control Measure Knowledge

This control measure should be read in conjunction with Substance identification


The symbols that may be seen in relation to gases under pressure are dependent on the stored gas. The following are examples that can be shown individually or in combination:

Figure: Image of symbols for stored gas under pressure

It is important for personnel to be able to recognise symbols, labels and other marking systems, and have access to information regarding the hazards associated with the gas.
Signage will generally be found at sites where the stored gas is present or on modes of transport.

Cylinders imported or brought from outside of the UK may be marked differently or not use a marking system. If no positive identification can be confirmed for the gas type, it should be treated as if it is acetylene, until proved otherwise.

For detailed information on classification and labelling refer to Foundation for Hazardous Materials.

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions