Survival guidance for people at risk

Control Measure Knowledge

It is essential that a joint strategy for survival guidance is developed by the fire control room and the incident commander. Based on how the incident is developing, or on information gathered by fire control personnel, the survival guidance may need to be revised. It is therefore essential that all parties exchange current information and use this to determine any changes in the survival guidance that should be provided to people at risk.

Operational personnel will benefit from having an understanding of the types of survival guidance that can be provided by fire control personnel.

The location of people and the information they are providing to the fire control room can be used to develop and maintain a joint understanding of risk and help the incident commander to develop an incident plan.

Relevant information should be passed to the incident ground; it may be appropriate to appoint an on-scene single point of contact to co-ordinate survival guidance. For more information refer to Search rescue and casualty care – Situational awareness: Search for a missing person.

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions