Use competent people to operate on-site machinery

Control Measure Knowledge

On-site machinery may prove useful to move or separate materials during an incident, such as waste or items of stock; however, this should be done under the supervision of the fire and rescue service.

Any suitable on-site machinery would need to be identified and should be operated by a competent person. The responsible person may be able to identify appropriate machinery and operators. This activity could create additional hazards, as other people may not be used to working with fire and rescue service personnel. Detailed briefings should therefore take place and any actions should be closely monitored.

If a competent person will be working within the inner cordon, communication methods, including evacuation signals, should be implemented and understood before commencing operations.

If the incident may benefit from the use of additional or specialist machinery, this should be proposed to the site owner, who would need to arrange for its hire.

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions