Joint debriefing with other agencies

Control Measure Knowledge

This control measure should be read in conjunction with Hold debriefing or post-incident reviews

Multi-agency debriefing activities are important to identify good practice and opportunities to improve joint working following training or real events. The involvement of fire control personnel in multi-agency debriefs is beneficial to both fire control personnel and personnel from other agencies.

Fire control personnel who participate in multi-agency debriefs may be better prepared to fulfil their role in similar future incidents. They are also likely to increase their knowledge and understanding of other agencies. In particular:

  • Priorities during the initial stages of significant incidents, such as terrorist attacks
  • Capabilities, such as access to interoperable communication methods
  • Operational resources

Personnel from other agencies are likely to benefit from the inclusion of fire control personnel in multi-agency debriefing activities, particularly where it helps to improve their understanding of:

  • The role and capabilities of fire control and fire control personnel
  • The information needs of fire control personnel to mobilise a response effectively
  • The rationale supporting decisions made by fire control commanders
  • The situational awareness of fire control personnel at various stages during an event
  • The effectiveness of their own interactions with fire control personnel, such as sharing information during the event

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions