Provide support for fire control room systems

Control Measure Knowledge

Fire control room systems, including the supporting hardware and software, are complex and may fail. These failures may affect the ability of the fire control room to mobilise the most appropriate resource quickly.

Systems, including hardware and software, should be maintained and kept up-to-date to ensure they are consistently available for emergency call handling and resource mobilising.

Maintaining the efficiency of systems should be an ongoing process, to ensure they are performing to the highest standard and that all mobilising data displayed is current. Further support for resilience planning and control room equipment security may be considered good practice.

Training on the use of fire control room equipment may be delivered by system suppliers. This may include customised courses for essential users, and first line maintenance courses for fire control room managers so they can work alongside system engineers if a problem occurs.

As part of any contractual agreement with suppliers, fire and rescue services may consider various maintenance agreements suited to their own organisational requirements.

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions