Safe system of work: Aircraft undercarriages

Control Measure Knowledge

Due to the potential hazards of aircraft undercarriages, personnel should only approach if it is essential to do so. If approach goes ahead following a risk assessment, the minimum number of personnel should be deployed to the hazard area, wearing appropriate personal protective equipment with helmet visors down.

Engines should be isolated before personnel approach the aircraft undercarriage hazard area. It may be appropriate to have locking pins put in place to prevent collapse of the aircraft, and chocks put in place to prevent its movement if the brakes have failed. Specialist advice or assistance would be required to ensure these actions are effective – refer to Stabilise the mode of transport.

If it is necessary to use firefighting media to extinguish a fire or provide cooling, this should be carried out methodically and uniformly to reduce the risk of thermal shock. If it is not required, natural cooling may be a less hazardous option.

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions