Share information with other agencies: People at risk

Control Measure Knowledge

Support or assistance may be requested from other agencies for:

  • Casualty care
  • Crowd control and public disorder
  • Road closures
  • Evacuation
  • Refuge centre or emergency accommodation
  • Assistance for incidents that may not normally require attendance of a fire service
  • Rescue of people at risk

This list is not exhaustive.

When requesting the attendance of other agencies, information should be provided to allow responding agencies to allocate appropriate resources. A M/ETHANE message should be used to share incident details.

Other agencies may hold additional risk information in relation to the premises or people at risk. Gathering this information as early as possible may support the safe resolution of the incident. It is essential that additional information obtained is recorded and shared with operational personnel at the earliest opportunity.

Fire control personnel may receive emergency calls that require the attendance of more than one emergency service. The call handling agent will provide a verbal handover if it is known at the outset that more than one emergency service is needed. Fire control personnel should confirm with the call handling agent whether they will pass call details to the other emergency services, or whether the call handling agent will remain on the call and connect the caller to the other emergency services that have been requested.

If fire control personnel believe that the caller requires urgent medical guidance, the call handling agent should be asked to remain on the call to ensure connection to the ambulance service without delay.

If the call handling agent has not remained on the call and the caller needs to speak to another emergency service, fire control personnel should ask the caller to stay on the line while they disconnect themselves. When fire control personnel disconnect from the call, it will be represented to the call handling agent for connection to the required emergency service.

This process should also be followed for callers needing the assistance of all other emergency services. More information can be found in PECS Code of Practice.

Strategic Actions

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