Share situational awareness with the call handling agent during periods of multiple calls

Control Measure Knowledge

The call handling agent will attempt to contact an emergency control to provide support when they observe extended call answering times or have a critical call waiting. Contact will be made with the fire control commander to discuss implementing call filters or instigation of call redistribution plans.

If the call handling agent is unable to contact an emergency control by the primary or secondary call routes, they will use the critical contact number provided to them by each emergency service.

In the event of exceptional circumstances that can add pressure to the wider 999/112 service, the call handling agent may convene conference calls with affected emergency controls to discuss the event and possible mitigating measures. An invitation to join the conference call will be emailed to emergency controls. Details on call handling agent conference calls can be found in the PECS Code of Practice. Fire control commanders who participate in conference calls with the call handling agent or nominate a suitably trained person to do so on their behalf, are likely to benefit from enhanced situational awareness through the information shared.

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions