Situational awareness: People at risk on a road network

Control Measure Knowledge

Several factors may influence the safety advice that fire control personnel give to people at risk on a road network:

  • The nature of the incident, for example:
    • Road traffic collision
    • Vehicle fire
  • The type of road upon which people at risk are located
  • Whether any active traffic management methods are in place
  • A combination of the above factors will determine whether people at risk should stay in their vehicle or exit it.

People at risk may not be aware if there are active traffic management methods in place on the motorway, therefore the agency responsible for the motorway should be informed. This may be:

  • National Highways
  • Traffic Wales
  • Traffic Scotland
  • DfI Northern Ireland

The responsible agency may make changes to active traffic management methods to enable people at risk to evacuate their vehicle safely. This may affect the advice and guidance that fire control personnel provide.

Strategic Actions

Tactical Actions