Undertake pre-planning

Control Measure Knowledge

Fire and rescue authorities must have in place adequate plans, policies, risk assessments and procedures to protect their employees and others from harm. Risk assessments of operational activity based on risk management planning must be carried out to identify significant hazards that may be present at incidents, identify appropriate control measures, set out safe systems of work, equipment, competences and training.

Strategic risk assessments should consider human factors; people can make mistakes, which may lead to an accident or an escalation of the incident. Fire and rescue services should develop systems that reduce the likelihood or impact of individual failure impacting safety.

Pre-planning for the safety of personnel should consider topics such as:

  • Awareness, risk factors and how injuries can occur
  • Carrying out safer working, for example manual handling techniques, or hearing protection for noise
  • Appropriate systems of work for the individual’s tasks and environment
  • Using mechanical aids, additional equipment, or protective equipment
  • Practical work to allow a trainer to identify and put right anything not practised safely, for example:
    • Initial training application
    • Maintenance of skills
    • Competence or training exercises
  • Core, fitness or preventative techniques, such as prevention of injury awareness

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