Marston's Case Study

Marston’s have been in an active Primary Authority partnership with Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service since 2015 for Fire Safety.

Marston’s Beer Company incorporates six breweries and a national distribution network including 13 warehouses/distribution depots across the UK.

The partnership covers around 1,200 pubs. Marston’s safety management system applies in full in all the managed pubs

Hereford and Worcester FRS have given general support to Marston’s regarding relevant Govt/NFCC guidance through the lockdown period, including reiteration of importance of maintaining user fire safety checks and reintroduction of compliance checks once lockdown measures eased.

During the recent events surrounding the UK COVID-19 pandemic, Marston’s closed all of their public houses and hotels for an extended period.  But, managed to keep open the majority of its breweries, bottling/canning plants and distribution depots.  Therefore, maintain deliveries to supermarkets and other outlets across the UK.

Throughout this period of unprecedented disruption and uncertainty to businesses, HWFRS Primary Authority continued to deliver much needed levels of support, reassurance and fire safety guidance.  Therefore, providing much-needed reassurance surrounding safety and compliance in extreme uncertain times.

Following the lifting and easing of restrictions affecting the licensed industry, Marston’s has worked together – closely once again with HWFRS PA to ensure continuing levels of fire safety with the minimal disruption to business or members of the public seeking to use and enjoy, once-more, the Great British institution that is the ‘pub’…

More information about how Primary Authority partnerships work and how they may benefit your business can be found from the Office of Product Safety and Standards (OPSS)