Published 18 January 2023

Middle Leadership Programme – consultation open

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The NFCC Middle Leadership Programme (MLP) will form the next stage of an aligned and consistent leadership development pathway for the fire sector. It will naturally provide the progression from the NFCC Supervisory Leadership Development Programme (SLDP), launched in September 2022, to the NFCC Executive Leadership Programme (ELP), whilst creating links to other relevant NFCC products.  

The development of the programme will also be aligned to the Leadership and People Fire Standards: Leading and Developing People and Leading the Service, the Code of Ethics Fire Standard, and all relevant Fire Standards to provide further assurance that it is meeting the desired outcomes and benefits.  

Middle Leadership can be seen as one of the most demanding and challenging leadership roles within the fire sector. The gap between supervisory and middle leadership can be vast and challenging, with the role requiring a variety of additional new knowledge and skills.  

By creating a national programme that equips our middle leaders with the right tools, we begin to develop confident leaders that can influence change; recognising that change, culture and leadership can mutually influence one another.    

This consultation is open to all fire and rescue service colleagues to help shape a national middle leadership programme that is endorsed by the sector.  

Closing on Wednesday 22 February 2023, the consultation can be accessed via the following link: