Published 27 May 2021

NFCC-LABC Fire Protection Learning Portal goes live! A new learning portal for protection-based fire and rescue service staff has been launched today

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The NFCC Protection Policy and Reform Unit is pleased to announce a new learning portal for protection-based fire and rescue service staff has today gone live.

NFCC has partnered with the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) to enable fire safety regulators and fire engineers to access training materials through the new learning portal.

The platform will be utilised to upload training materials for FRS as part of the national learning and guidance work that has now started and provide access to a back catalogue of over 100 existing LABC fire-safety related articles. It will provide certificates for e-learning packages completed within the virtual learning environment which will also help fire services to demonstrate their commitment to continuing professional development in line with the competency framework recommendations. Importantly, this collaboration will provide a better understanding of the ‘cross-over’ issues faced by both parties in carrying out their regulatory functions.

NFCC Chair Mark Hardingham said “I am pleased to see the launch of this learning platform for our protection-based staff. Fire and rescue services are committed to do everything they can to make buildings safer and creating this partnership is the next step in a journey to enhance competency across the UK.”

NFCC will now work with LABC and fire and rescue services over the coming weeks to ensure the system is successfully implemented within their organisations.